„GTA 5“: Evolution and Progress

For „GTA 5“ were most of the elements of the gameplay sequences from scratch redeveloped. Vice president of creative Dan Houser was not too much detail – it is enough for a general overview, however, always – read in the following box.


The driving model in the new „GTA“
„The cars have a slightly better grip. In GTA 4 they have felt great and something like boats. We wanted to add a little more physics that it is more like a racing game feel., As not many AAA racing games out there. this fact is of „GTA 5“ utilized in a manner in any other GTA before. „.


The shooting in \ „GTA 5 \“
„We feel as though we have developed in a long process further than in any other game before. And not just in the area of​​“ how „, but also in the basic mechanics on how you play the game.“.


Knife fights in „GTA 5“

„It is better than we had in the past. How far can we push it, we’ll see. This depends on how many resources we put into it. It will never be a big deal to shoot like, since we game designed after all to have. But we want to make it fun and strongly feels. „.


Other features to \ „GTA 5 \“

\ „GTA 5 \“ has an entirely free-roaming Mt Chiliad
Of course there is a desert (in the trailer)
Dives are possible
Again there is a military base
Featuring the largest selection of vehicles

„GTA 5“ to …

come up with random events
this can result in a mission
dynamic contracts offer
Map of the biggest game history include
forcing the player not to make the Ticket


„GTA 5“: This has been improved on the graphics

The engine has been optimized supposedly strong
The vision has been significantly improved
There should be better resolved shadow
Has also improved the lighting


„GTA 5“: Nice to know

„GTA 4“ was next to „LA Noire“ is the most expensive game ever
It cost around $ 100 million
„GTA 5“ should move this brand again upwards
„GTA 5“ to „the optimized result of all previous


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